The 80’s: They have made a comeback

80’s fashion trend has made a comeback and showing no sign of being left behind any time soon. Big hair, tight pants, and all those wonderful 80s fashion bits that we love to make fun of today. The eighties were also the time when big was considered better.

When my husband mentions  order Ivermectin online 80s fashion, what is the first thing that comes to my mind? Crazy hair, windbreaker jumpsuit, Jumpsuit jackets with outrageous color and stripes, tight pants that exposes non-matching socks and the famous leg warmers, are the first things that comes to my mind. Fortunately, they are arriving with updated silhouettes and details to keep things fresh and interesting!

Because we now love all-things retro, we are finding an appreciation for 80’s fashion, which means those huge earrings, big tops, leg warmers, acid washed denim and shoulder pads are finding their ways  into your wardrobe once more…hmm..not so crazy about the leg warmers.. Here are some 80s fashion trends you can still rock today..(my Hubby will be happy to ready this J) (permed hair optional).

The iconic jumpsuit is back and better than ever: Wear it with a tailored blazer for work or sexy stilettos or back less for a night out, Stick to monochromatic styles for a slimming for flowery or geometric print



The oversized Top/t-shirt
The Frequently worn item of 80’s clothing was the oversized top. No-one knows for sure exactly where this phenomenon started, but there’s a chance it could have originated from the movie ‘Flashdance’ remember…What a feeling??? This movie was incredibly popular, which means it’s no wonder the clothing was copied by almost every young woman in the 1980’s. I even performed to this music for Miss Talent, Miss Mauritius Pageant 2009..with a leg warmer..can you believe it!!! I came 2nd, I even tried to showcase my talent at Miss luck, was not as good as Jennifer Beals!! It was common for one of the shirts sleeves to be hung off one of the shoulders, as this was considered to be quite fashionable..and we are still doin it!


The Crop top
The Crop Top trend was around in the 80′s, 90′s and has been around since then. The prints and patterns that can be used for crop tops make it a timeless wardrobe staple. Even plus sized ladies can look amazing,especially when paired with high-waisted trousers or Skirts, and if played with proportions.


Denim on Denim
The once-tacky allover denim trend looks edgy and effortlessly cool when paired with a black cropped top and a chain-strap leather bag.
When it came to denim, there was only one wash that mattered in the 80s: acid wash. It appeared on jeans (which were high-waisted, with tapered legs), jackets, skirts and dresses


Jean Jacket

The classic is back in force

Ray Ban Wayfarer

Been there, Done that..It’s still here. Get that Tom-Cruise-movie-star appeal.


White Stilettos

This former fashion no-no looks best when worn with monochrome outfits (solid shades) without the neon ankle socks!

Recently making a comeback on the runways, the 1980s white stiletto has so much versatility and can be worn with skinny pants, skirts and dresses (avoid mini dresses). Black and white are still HUGE, so why not combine white stilettos with black dress?

white stilettos


Shoulder Pads
The ’80s staple we all loved to hate has won us over. This time around the shape is more subtle, plus structured shoulders help narrow your waist—who doesn’t want that??



In the 80s these usually came in bright solids or twee florals. Now you can find them in trendy tribals or with edgy cutouts. Saw some nice ones at Red snapper and Pridemark…Yes indeed!!


Big hair

Big hair.. Who doesn’t want the “vava-voom” look.. without the perm of of my favourite comebacks..tease and hairspray!!



The Slogan T- Shirt

Fashion is all about making a statement. Whether that statement is bold or humble, the message is what makes the trend. The Slogan T-shirt is just such a symbol. It gained immense popularity in the 1980′s, but has stood the test of time and shown that the message can be the most important thing about a piece of clothing.



Then you you have some 80’s style that you hope will never make a come back 🙂
Reflective Shades

A big hit in the ’80s—then rarely seen anywhere but on the slopes- Jennifer Aniston did wear it last summer and not on the slopes!


They make me wanna scream!! So would my Step-son Fabrice say!! Especially when they are in obnoxious neon colors.  Imagine, a side ponytail using neon scrunchies..

A few more are the Reebok ankle high, jelly shoes and poodle permed!!

On a good note,

80s fashion never dies, it just gets recycled…

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