The First “Professional Certificate in Fashion Model Training and Grooming” in Mauritius

CatwalkFirst  Approved Modeling course in Mauritius starting soon in partner with the Australian International Education (AIE) Part-Time (3hrs/week over 7 weeks)

This course aims to provide well trained models and talents for fashion shows, exhibitions, public relations and presentation events. Practicing “models” will acquire in-depth presentation skills and learn how to enhance their aesthetic expression in personal Image and grooming techniques.

Should you be considering a career in Professional Modeling, or simply seeking to develop your confidence and personal image, then this is the course that will give you the edge to be successful.

The aim of the program is to teach you how to present yourself as refined, confident and trustworthy individual, through a combination of Style, Fashion, Makeup, Hairstyle,Etiquette communication skills, portfolio building inclu. photo shoots, catwalk and professional swimming lessons.

Have you ever wondered “How can I stand out from the crowd?” In today’s time it takes much more than a pretty face. A pleasant personality, a stunning body, knowing just the right thing to say, the right way to walk, the confidence, the elegance – you need it all.

Contact us for commencement dates and enrolment form.

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