Corporate Training- Image Management

“Your bearing, manners and behaviour in any business situation largely determine your success or failure.” ~ Brian Tracy

Dalysha-Corporate imageBefore walking into an important business meeting, you must think about how your look will affect the first impression that you give to clients and potential employers. You want to project confidence, power, and intelligence.
While your résumé will reveal your work experience, your level of professionalism and respect will be transmitted immediately by your appearance.
Faced with competitive industries and highly demanding customers, companies are taking concrete steps to enhance employee image since it forms a strong component of the corporate image. With the cost of acquiring new customers being many times the cost of retaining current customers, image management is playing a strong role in enhancing revenues.
From entry level trainees to managers and senior executives, it is the image they project and the resultant confidence, trust and credibility they build in customers and other stakeholders that strengthen the organization.

Corpoate-MauritiusYou By Design provides a fresh approach to business etiquette and image development. Each corporate seminar is customized by Dalysha to meet your specific needs. Corporate seminars include full day, half day, one hour, or private consultations.

The goal is to demonstrate kindness and respect to every individual in business no matter their position. Objectives include

Master business etiquette including dining skills, introductions, the proper use of technology, the art of thank you, networking, business vs. social etiquette, and more.

• Create a powerful and lasting first impression by developing a professional image through the use of appropriate dress, posture and grooming.

• Identify the role and benefits of generating social capital in the corporate culture.

• Create and cultivate civility to enhance workplace performance.

• Present yourself with confidence and credibility so that you are leveraged for success.

You By Design Corporate Image Management

People who need Image Management

  • CEO’s and Senior Executives who command respect
  • Newly promoted Managers who need to change their Image to suit the new role and look the part
  • Service Industry Professionals whose primary job function is to offer quality service to customers
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Service industry professionals
  • Front Line Employees who interact with customers, colleagues and seniors
  • People in the Public Eye – like TV presenter, Corporate Communications Professionals (Colour of

    Clothes to suit skin tone, Styling, Make-up &Hair, Body language)