Please note this is a partial list of corporate workshops.  Contact us to get the list of all the topics covered in Corporate or to create a custom course that specifically meets your corporate needs. Whatever may be your objective You By Design has a workshop for you.  If you need a speaker to give your event a unique twist, there is no better way to capture an audience than sharing great image tips. Workshops can be tailor-made to suit your requirements in terms of durations, company policy, etc..

The Golden Rules of Business Etiquette

buy gabapentin for dogs online etiquetteBusiness today is often conducted over a meal where social skills are showcased. Possessing the confidence to negotiate through this setting is a necessary skill every leader must possess. In a relaxed environment participants will explore many of the elements involved in networking and dining such as: Business and Social Etiquette, First Impressions, Introductions, Conversational Tips, Handshaking, eye contact, Business Card Presentation, Cocktail Parties, Tools of the Table, American and Continental Styles of Dining, and Presenting a Toast. The objective is to make you feel comfortable and confident with table manners and to make a lasting impression in your business lunch or dinner meetings. This workshop provides participants with tools for effective interactions.

Professional Presence

polisehedAcquire a polished and professional look. Does your image match the industry and position you desire? Do your Goba clothes, accessories, posture and grooming communicate success? Your image is either a bridge or a barrier to your advancement. Master the details that will give you a competitive edge and enable you to demonstrate a polished professional presence in any situation.

The Power of Social Capital

networking at a conference (1)People do business with people they know, like and trust. Successful businesses work on building their social capital as much as they work on building their products and services. Social capital concerns how people interact with one another. Businesses and individuals create social capital through the relationships they build. This seminar enhances participants’ social capital by teaching how to purchase generic accutane meet and greet, work a room, dress appropriately, Networking at a cocktail party, host a business lunch and communicate effectively with others.