where can i buy disulfiram in south africa 14955692_mYou By Design Image Consultant also offers various self enhancement workshops. Whatever may be your objective or your age we have a workshop for you. If you need a speaker to give your event or ladies lunch  a unique twist, there is no better way to capture an audience than sharing great image tips.  These workshops are as follows. It can be tailor-made to suit your requirements in terms of durations, company policy, etc..

OutcomeTopics CoveredDuration
Etiquette ReadyDine, entertain, cement relationships and clinch deals in styleGeneral,business and dining etiquette
(Theory + Practical)
1 Day
Women’s Style & Image
Catering exclusively to women 25 years and over. Be the woman of today. For Women seeking a refreshed personal Style, A renewed sense of self and enhanced levels of confidence
Countering figure variations through clothing and accessories, face shape, skin care & make up, grooming and art of accessorizing to look attractive, Wardrobe & Style and the guidelines for classic etiquette in the contemporary world. This practical workshop will also assist you with: Easy ways of starting interesting conversations, Correct introductions, The impact of your body language, The art of a good handshake, Assertiveness, listening and interpersonal skills… and more!
2 Days (intensive workshop)
Dare yourself to shineEvery day your appearance has the power to change your world” Overview on Face shape, Body shape, Styles and Fabrics. Basic Make-up routine/tips.2hrs
Dress SlimPresent a slimmer appearance using clothing as a toolBody Shapes and types, Create Slimmer silhouette in seconds, Style with Caution, What not to wear to look slim, Style during weight gain or loss, tips for Fabulous fit.1 Day
Man of StyleBe the Gentleman who the world salutePower of personal apperance, grooming and hygiene, body language , image management in social media, dining and social etiquette.2 Days
Wardrobe PlanningThe perfect wardrobe should reflect your personal style, and consist of garments that coordinate effortlessly to take you through the every day events and special occasions in your life. sounds easy – but how do you achieve it?In this workshop we take you through the step-by-step process of planning and building your wardrobe, so it works for your life and your budget. You will learn the secret of having a wardrobe that works for all occasions in your life, and stands the test of time.1 Day
MakeupLearn makeup techniques to enhance facial features and counter variations.Different type of Skin and its maintenance, base selection and application techniques, corrective make-up techniques to camouflage variations, accentuate your eyes, facial contouring, Natural and Glamour make-up, flattering colors for YOU (Individual tips).1 Day
AccessoriseLearn the art of AccessorizingLearn how to style on a budget and the power of accessorizing.1 day
New Graduates Program
(17- 20 yrs)
Brand Yourself for Success
Understand the business of first impressions and the psychology of image. Use business attire to convey messages of credibility and reliability
Learn how to work the room at business and social functions with confidence. Employ wardrobe strategy & appropriate etiquette in a job interview situation
Academic preparation is critical, but to be branded for success you also need strong social skills. In this course you will learn how to make a positive and lasting impression. , through a combination of style, fashion, etiquette and vocal image. Tips on Resume, Cover letter and Thank You notes
9 hrs (3hrs/day) or
2 sessions of 4 1/2 hrs
Teen Image-
Finishing Course
This Workshop is exceptional for closing the relational and generational gap, raising the bar on the edge they need, to be successful in life and build self-esteem at the same time. The aim of the program is to teach them how to present themselves as refined, confident and trustworthy individuals
Personal Development Program for teen girls. We have formulated an effective program that will provide girls with relevant information needed to meet life’s social challenges. We specialize in the areas of positive first impression, body language, proper attire, dining & Social etiquette, civility, grooming, beauty and Style. Teens will also learn how to build a basic wardrobe on a budget, handle the telephone, make wise food choices (can be tailored for boys)
5 days
Starting Point
(11 – 14 yrs)
Good manners and good grooming go hand-in-hand. Navigate middle school with confidence and class with the 3 R’s
Respect, Restraint & Responsibility! Gain valuable tips on friendship, introductions, conversation, cell phones, social media, and how to stay organized. Discover the power of maintaining a positive attitude, and how you can create an authentic and appropriate first impression.
4 hours